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Saturday, April 23, 2011

look! T.V,!

Salam alaikum and may peace be always upon you..

Hi guys! a very good morning aren`t it? (kalau anda bace malam2 minx map yer? Skrang tngah pagi nih)

Firstly, sorry for those who are reading but unfortunately doesn`t understand what i`ve written.. ( setelah dikaji selidik, masih ad la org bace blog ni! Tq!) as you can see, im writing English.. for some reason, of course.. first, im trying to improve my english writing skill (my English is in the lowest part of knowledge!) .. second, as usual, this blog belongs to me! So I can do whatever I want right? Well, that's another joke( pelik, mcm post minggu lepas jer)..

Ok.. back to the topic.. i`ve write in the last post, I have to change! Well, this new post, i`ll be writing about new topic.. whats the topic? That's the question! Haha.. hurm.. after a few moment talking alone, staring fan and do some stupid things (ini x bermakne sy gile yer?!) I finally found something! Well, some of my siblings (namenyer sy terpakse biar menjadi misteri..) said that maybe i`ve been too influenced by the television. Well, i`ve to agree with that.. maybe that's right!


Thinking back.. maybe they`re wrong..! why? Because the drama that been showed to us is just an acting! Well im not an actor! ( ad bakat x kalo jd pelakon?) i`m living in a real world! Not the fantasy world! There are so many difference between a real lifetime and the drama tv.

Drama T.V. is created by human! My lifetime has been destined by Allah!

So my lifetime must be greater than the drama! Allah is my god, my guardian! He always give the best of the best to us right! Even thought drama in T.V. sometime can make you cry, for example “Nur Kasih” (sebenarnye sy x tngok citer tuh.. panjang sgt! Makcik sy tngok. Die nangis. PELIK!) but, that's all an acting! I love my life!

ni citer nyer!

Talking about our lifetime has been destined by Allah, that doesn`t mean that everything we do is Allah`s responsible.. want a proof? Lets see what has happened in Caliph Umar administration time, once, Umar has stay in a village that been infected by apedemic (taun dlm bmnyer).. so, Umar take a decision to go out from the village.. a man spoke to him.. “ o amirul mukminin.. did you want to escape from you fate?” Umar answered : “yes.. im escaping from this fate to my another fate”.. this story tell us that it is us who have to choose the right fate!

Allright.. I think that all for now.. im going to complete my journey! Jorney of life, and journey to mekah! Salam alaikum..!

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