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Sunday, April 17, 2011

a voice from heart..

Salam alaikum and may peace be upon to you..

Bismillah, in the name of Allah..

Im sorry for those who are reading (ad ke org bace lg blog nih).. this time, there will be no story or something like that.. because, this is my blog.. well, I can do what ever I want.. am I right.. haha. Joke (rase mcm x lawak jer).. well, I realize, as I reach 16th (walaupun belom fully 16), i`ve been facing many problems.. yeah.. in this year.. well, some part of my heart will say that this year would be the most sad year ever!

Why? Well, that's the question! Why?

Its not because of the japan been facing tsunami, not because of Egypt`s president or Libya`s been deposed by their own citizen (I should be worried about that!)..

Well, Allah has spoke in his holy book, quran.. that there are very little of human would be grateful even if He gave the best to his servant ( just like me, been accepted to learn in the most brilliant school, but, being not grateful, I move to a school that people would be asking.. why did I move there?)..

thanks ALLAH!

he is the most richest.. the most kind.. he love all his creation! So he will give the best to his caliph.. Allah said, that He would never gave burden to someone, except the man has abilities to face the burden. Allah is the most fair! hurm, looks like im not a strong muslim.. I was just been defeated by the most valuable thing..


I don't know why, but all the memories, in 2010, would be the best memories ever. That is the golden year! That's the golden time! Until its become a burden to me.. it keep flashing back in my mind.. until sometime, my learning progress been disturbed by that things. I hate it to admit, but being honest,


The major problem now is, there will be no friend such as them! They are the most suitable people to be friend with! Im now been so sad about myself! Well, if I just open my new perspective, I would see.. all my friends are moving forward.. leaving me and my memories behind.. besides, what did they get if they always with those memories?

They are hunting a goal.. they are hunting something valuable.. me? Just like old Hairi. Always been leaving. Is there are place for a human such as me? Absolutely! Yes.. reciting the quran, I realize once again. He, the almighty, create me not to be like this.. full of sins.. full of sadness.. well. Life must be go on.. must be go on Hairi! ( ni motivasi dri sendri.)

See the history (not the history channel in the tv.. the real history).. Muhammad, our beloved prophet peace be upon to him, has once, leave mekah.. he loved mekah. Just like me.. I love SAMSMEL! But the difference is, Muhammad has keep life go on greatfully! But for me, full of sadness.. I must change! i must learn how to redha!

K, thanks guys for reading ( kalo ad yg bace la).. im sorry if this blog make bored of you, but once again I said, this is my blog! Haha.. sorry guys, salam alaikum.. may Allah bless us!


  1. everyone feels like this..
    don't worry bebanyak...
    as long as you know Allah always by your side.

  2. no comment about your story..because it to sad..and sometimes your stories is make me confused..but xpe2..i still can understand it and i understand what u feel..
    sebenarnyer nk tulis pnjang takudd jd krngan stpm plak nnti..always smiling k..:)