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Thursday, June 2, 2011

the alleyway..

Salam alaikum..

A great morning for an ulama` heading to a mosque.. to continue his class with his teacher.. and a greaat morning for a drinker to be drunk at such early morning.. well, that’s the starting for a story.. there once, an ulama` (ulama` bhase inggeris ap ar?).. well, as its name ulama`, he was respected by all kind of human, upward or downward the layer of the pyramid of the monarchy.. (ini kalo belajo sejarah tau ler.. system monarki).. he was well known as that the childrens, old mans, the richest, poorest, and even the criminal know him.. respected him..

bro.. pinjam gambar yer.. (ilustrasi penulis tentang orang alim uh..)

Until one blue morning..( sebiru hari ini..)

The ulama` (his names is not allowed to be displayed) once heading to the place where he used to add his knowledge about islam, the mosque.. he would have to pass through an alleyway (lorong) to reach the mosque.. the alleyway is free to be pass through by only one human.. he used to use the alleyway as a shortcut.. then one day, a drunker get drunk as he(ulama`) pass the alleyway.. the drunker then give salam to the ulama`..

As he (drunker) gave salam to the ulama`, he (the ulama`) give a very annoying face.. a bad one.. the ulama` feel that he has been disrespected.. (why? I don`t know) he then said (with a very disgusted feeling) “ what a manners for a drunker to give salam to a very well known ulama`? did you know drunker? You will straightly sent to the hell by Allah!! Allah wouldn`t forgive you! I don`t want to spend any longer time with you, or I will be sent to the hell just like you! Get away! I don’t want to be touch by the member of satan in hell!!”

(ilustrasi penulis pasal orang mabuk tu pulak..)

The drunker just smile, and give the ulama` a way.. a days later, the ulama` found dead.. his tounge was cut out.. the police said that its not a murder.. it’s a suicide case.. and, ironically, the drunker found dead too! But the drunker was found dead in the sujud position..

They then were buried side by side.. the people was shocked by that news.. then, the teacher of the ulama` come to the majlis.. he then cry for the ulama`.. people then asked him, why did he cry? He then said, that the ulama` was dead in a terrible way, physically, and mentaly..

(ini arak mahal tau?!)

As the story began to spread, only Allah know what is happening to the two muslim there.. the real story in the hereafter is.. the ulama` is been torture because of his bad words to the drunker.. he make fitnah to Allah, as he said “you will straightly sent to the hell by ALLAH!”.. his tounge is cut for many times… he is also wrong, by saying that Allah will not forgive the drunker.. Allah is the most merciful! And he is being so arrogant by saying that he is a very well known!

As for the drunker, thanks Allah, as he was given guidance by Allah.. he perform solat taubah at the end of his life.. he was crying for he remember all his sin that he has did in his life.. and he then dead in the last sujud..

Well guys.. have you ever heard of this story? A great and a very smooth teaching for a dai`e.. we should not think that only we are the only that will get the paradise.. Allah know more!

When you see childrens, love them.. because they have less sins than us! When you see old people, take care of them.. cause they have did more good deed than us.. when we saw good men.. respect them.. cause they are greater than us.. when you see bad people, respect them too! Because who know, they are better than us?!

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