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Friday, January 27, 2012

when i was, a young boy..

assalam alaikum

when I was a little young boy, a great friend of mine used to count our date of birth. He will predicted what will us be in our future. and amazingly, we believe it. (what did you expect from 5 years old boy?) and he always tell good thing to all of us.

All of us but me.

He said to my friends that they would be a great lawyer, pilot, and everything that 5 years old boy would want to be.

But not me.

He said that I might be a very poor little man who work in old farm. I don't want to believe it in the first place. But soon as I got home, I began to cry.

The next day , as I approached school, I met him and asked him to calculate my birthday again. And he tell me the same thing.

I went home and I get mad to my mother. I keep asking her “why did you born me in such date?”. But not in reality. I ask her using my heart. And of course she could not hear that! I keep thinking, why did god let me born on that date.

I got some idea. I go to my friend and I cheated him about my date. And again he predicted bad thing about me. I was frustrated that I don't talk to him for 3 days.

As I get older, I started to get matured. I knew one thing. I can`t change my date of birth. But surely I can change my future! and of course I learned that I shouldn't believe to such false prediction!

And one more thing that I know is, my friend that make the “prophecy” hate me so much in that time. No wonder he predicted such bad things about me!

Akh sufi said: sseorang pernah kate, kite x boleh ubah angin. Tapi pastinya kita boleh ubah layar. Tak de gunanya mengubah sesuatu yang mustahil diubah. Apa yang boleh kita buat, adalah ubah apa yang kite boleh tangani. Contohnya? DIRI SENDIRI.

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