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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Salam alaikum..

Guys, firstly, I wanted to say, that im writing this post to celebrate my friend`s request.. she just won`t let me go to school without posting a new post..well.. here I am (nantok la far!)..

All right.. today is a new day.. today is the day that all student would show their upset face to their parent (sumer mngade x mo balek asrama.. same la nan aku..).. hehe. Well, as you can see, our two weeks holiday is just don't enough! But, (takkan nak cuti sampai staun!).. hurm, to me, holiday is not a very specific moment.. I love school.. but wait.. I WAS in love in school.. it is when we are all in samsmel..

Argh.. im sorry.. mumbling a minute.. haha.. ok.. now the real story..

As you can read up there, i`ve said that today is the last day of the 2 weeks holiday.. so we as family, having dinner outside.. as my abah go to the counter to order our dinner (ayam! Sedap doe.. (aku mnyampah bende doe2 uh ) ).. I go to the table near.. because we want to eat, we would need a table! (ap la!)

Then, beside us, there was a family.. a grandpa, 3 grandchildren,, their mother went somewhere else. The grandpa then get up from there, walking toward the another table.. then his grandchildren said this “beautiful” words: “ atok, jgn buat malu org boleh?” then my sister give him a very sharp view.. a very rude boy!

Ok.. that's all for today.. hope you enjoy! (ini saje je nih)..

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